Postnatal Yoga Classes

Per 5 June 2021 we invite you back to our yoga studio in a safe and responsible manner, please follow our Studio Corona Protocol when you visit the studio. All our studio classes are livestreamed as well, so you can also follow the classes online, for those who do not pass the Health Check to come to the studio, if the class in the studio is full (we can allow max 6 students to ensure 1.5 m distance), or simply if you prefer online.

The Postnatal Yoga classes are recuperative yoga classes for new mums focusing on the mother after birth.

They are for women from 6 weeks after delivery onwards (10 weeks in case of c-section), covering the postpartum period and the first postnatal year, and can even be beneficial for women who gave birth up to 2 years ago and still having physical complaints.

These classes will give you a good foundation to strengthen muscles from the inside out and can be great in preparation for your regular yoga classes or other fitness regimes. We focus on simple yet effective yoga movements, breathing techniques, and relaxation.

The Postnatal Yoga classes promote core strength, relaxation and nurture for new mothers following birth. They are based on the view that each woman, even a very experienced yoga practitioner, needs recuperative yoga for the postnatal period, to ensure a safe and sound re-toning of the whole body postpartum and over the first postnatal year, avoiding long term problems of joint instability and hypermobility.

The classes are 1.5hr, and are bi-lingual (English/Dutch).

Next to the Postnatal Yoga classes for mums we also offer Postnatal Mum & Baby Workshops, check out our Workshops page!

Dates & Timings

The Postnatal Yoga Classes take place on Thursdays from 20-21.30h. See our Class Schedule. Doors open 15 minutes before class. For your first class we ask you to come 10-15 minutes before class so that you have time to register and we can get acquainted. (Note whilst the studio is open during corona, your registration / intake take place online, and you are asked to not come earlier to the studio than 5 mins before class - please follow our Studio Corona Protocol).

Class Preparation

In the yoga studio we have yoga mats and props (blocks, belts, bolsters, blankets) available. Feel free though to bring your own mat. For extra comfort you can additionally bring a warm shawl or personal blanket to class yourself. Dress in comfortably sitting sports or yoga clothes, with some warm options too like a sweater and warm socks. A water bottle and a towel may be useful too. Lastly, just as with normal yoga class, do not practice yoga on a full stomach! (Note whilst the studio is open during corona, for hygiene reasons you have to bring your own mat & props to the studio - please follow our Studio Corona Protocol).

Subscription & Payment

  • For the Postnatal Yoga classes you can either pay for a single class which is € 18 or buy a 10 class card: € 150 (€ 15 per class) which is 3 months valid (so taking into account you might miss a class here and there). You can pay for the card cash when you come to class, or you can transfer the money into our bank account - in that case first book your card online by filling in the booking form under Classes-Prices. (Note whilst the studio is open during corona, we only do bank transfers, no cash payments in the studio - please follow our Studio Corona Protocol).
  • Please note that if you currently have a normal or prenatal class card that is still valid you can use it for the Postnatal Yoga classes (if you currently have a cheaper class card, we ask you to pay the difference extra per class).
  • We would like you to sign up for your first Postnatal Yoga Class with us, so that we know you are coming, and let us know whether you would like to participate in the studio or online. Please use the form below. If there is anything special we need to know from you upfront, like special medical conditions, use the field Additional Info (with respect to the data you supply to us, we refer to our Privacy Policy).
  • After that for all classes we ask you to pre-register and reserve your spot. For the evening classes before 16h, for the morning classes the evening before until 21h. If you need to cancel your class subscription you can do that free of charge before 16h/21h, after that we will charge you for your class. When you subscribe for a class let us know whether you would like to join in the studio or online.

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