Detox Yoga Video on YogaTV - 47 mins (All Levels)

To get a flavour of Detox Yoga, Corine has compiled for you a little series of cleansing, detoxing Yoga exercises in a 47 minutes video for Yoga Magazine's YogaTV! Great to do when traveling, when you missed your yoga class, or when you just need a quick good energizing detox! Click here to watch the video on YogaTV. Check here for our full 3 hr Detox Yoga Workshops!

Interview with Corine by WhatsNew!

Get an impression of Corine as a teacher and her studio YogaYatra in Amsterdam! Watch the interview with Corine by Anouk de Pater from WhatsNew - a popular Youtube channel, showing all the hot spots and latest news on Showbizz, Lifestyle and Music for “tha young crowd”!

Singing Bowl Meditation by Frank Mannens at YogaYatra Amsterdam

Watch an impression of our deeply relaxing - by candlelight, so recording is a little vague - Singing Bowl Meditation with Frank at YogaYatra on 10 April 2015.

KRISHNA DAS LIVE at 2013 Grammy Awards Performance

This is Kirtan history in the making… my big hero Krishna Das nominated for a Grammy, and performing at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, 2013… Pure Love! Jai Ma!