About Life Coaching

Corine offers Life Coaching sessions, in which the richness of the Yoga philosophy and lifestyle is shared, as a guide for a happier and more fulfilling personal and professional life.

Yoga is all about the journey inwards, about understanding that true happiness and peace can not be found outside ourselves, but can only be found within ourselves. When we learn to connect with our hearts, we will find true wisdom. When we learn to connect with our true nature, our true essence, we will discover a powerful potential within ourselves, enabling us to go beyond our personal restrictions and believes about ourselves. Life will flow on you, and answers to vital questions will automatically unfold.

Here's how YogaYatra Life Coaching can help

  • Find the answers and truth that lie within you
  • Live your life from a heart-centered place that honors your spiritual wisdom
  • Connect with what inspires you, and discover your inner strength and talents
  • Observe how your mind works and how it can be conditioned with past experiences
  • Change old thinking and behavioral patterns that have kept you stuck or have held you back
  • Let go of old belief systems that no longer serve you
  • Develop self confidence, self-esteem, and self-love
  • Create a life balance for greater well being - mind, body and spirit
  • Enjoy a whole new way of being that brings you inner peace, fulfillment, life purpose, and motivation
  • Find a more profound way of living, and a clear direction for your life
  • Learn to really live in the Now, in this present moment and let go of a past you cannot change and a future that is unforeseen. Now is when your life is happening! The power to create life is Now! Discover that the potential for real happiness and success is in each present moment and live with passion
  • Let go of clinging, attachments, and expectations. Let go of likes and dislikes. Reach a state of equanimity and peace
  • Accept What Is, let go of frustrations and emotions generated by not being able to really let go
  • Learn to calm the ego fears, doubts and worries to hear the voice of your spirit
  • Master the mind and achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony in life

The YogaYatra Life Coaching sessions focus on the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being, and can include Mindfulness Meditation. As we strongly believe in the interrelationship between the body, mind, and spirit, we encourage combining the Life Coaching sessions with the physical practice of Yoga (the Physical Postures, and Breathing Exercises) as offered through our Classes or Private Yoga sessions, contributing to a person’s entire wellbeing and wellness. Our mental and emotional health influence our physical health and vice versa, and during the physical practice of Yoga, a lot of (hidden) emotions and mental restrictions will surface, and through further coaching can be looked upon. As such the physical practice of Yoga will reinforce the coaching process.

Life Coaching sessions can be one-on-one or for small groups, and usually last 1.5 hours. The sessions can be held at a variety of times throughout the day, weekdays and Saturday. Prices vary based on location, time, contents and scope of the sessions, and continuity.

Please contact Corine directly to arrange a Life Coaching session.

From The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali:
(I-2) Yogaú citta vrtti nirodhah - Yoga stills the fluctuations of the mind, or when the fluctuations of the mind are stilled, you will experience Yoga.
(I-3) Tadâ drastuh svarûpe avasthânam - Then the Seer (Self) abides in His own nature.