If the weather permits we will also teach classes outdoor in the park. The Saturday classes are perfect for that! On this page we will keep you posted with dates & timings of our outdoor classes!

Doing your yoga practice outside surrounded by nature and fresh air is a wonderful experience. Being one with nature with the birds in the background, the view on the trees, the sun and wind on your skin, your feet in the grass - makes outdoor yoga a very grounding experience that gives you new energy and calms the mind. To be in nature is very healing.

We have found a really nice spot for our outdoor yoga in the Martin Luther King Park near the Amstel river, close to a nice café / restaurant called "the Amstel Boat House" where you can have a tea or lunch after class at the water front!

Dates: Sat -- July 2021
Time: 10.15 - 11.45hr / 12 -13.30hr (All Levels)
Costs: € 17 single class / class card
Location: Martin Luther King Park (collection point Google Maps)

We gather at our collection point (Google Maps) in the park 5 minutes before class, from there we walk to a nice available spot.

Subscription & Payment for the Outdoor Yoga Classes

Book your class online

For the outdoor yoga classes we ask you to pre-register and reserve your spot using the Contact form on the website. For the morning classes (10.15h & 12h) the evening before until 21h. Taking a class without an online booking is not possible. If you need to cancel your class subscription you can do that free of charge before 21h, after that we will charge you for your class.

We will confirm your subscription by Email and send you a Health Check (PDF English / Dutch) for your notification, as you should not come to the class if you do not pass the Health Check.

New to us? Your registration and intake will take place online. For your first class we will send you a Registration Form which you need to fill in & email back to us upon your subscription. On this form you also fill in your physical status. Should you have any serious physical restrictions / complaints, injuries, or serious pregnancy related complaints, we ask you to send in your registration form in time, preferably at least one day before your first class, so if needed we can take some extra time with you before class to discuss your complaints and give you some personal guidance to ensure a safe yoga practice for you during class.

Payment via bank transfer

Payment for the outdoor classes goes via bank transfer beforehand when you book the class, no cash transactions on the spot. You can pay for a single class € 17 or take the class on your class card. See Classes-Prices for the options.

What To Bring

  • Be fully dressed in yoga clothes and wear extra layers to keep you warm as outdoor classes can be colder than you are used to in the studio.
  • Bring your own yoga mat and props (like block, belt, blanket, cushion).
  • Bring your own water bottle.
  • Bring your own corona-safety-kit:
    • Your own disinfectant hand gel (> 70% alcohol), paper tissues, a towel, and a nose-mouth mask (if you like to visit the café after class).
  • sunscreen and sunglasses if the sun is out (although there will be enough shade where we will be).
  • Do not forget to use your bathroom at home before you go to the class.

Corona Precautions for the Outdoor Yoga Classes

  • Wash your hands at home with water & soap before you come to class.
  • Only come to the class when you are healthy, we run a Healtch Check (PDF English / Dutch) with you beforehand. Should you become unwell or develop any corona related complaints during class, we ask you to leave class immediately and go home!
  • We gather at our collection point (Google Maps) in the park 5 minutes before class, from there we walk to a nice available spot.
  • The class hosts people all on 1.5 m distance of each other. To keep the 1.5 m distance also between the teacher and the student, the teacher will only guide you through the movements with verbal instructions and demonstrations, there will be no physical adjustments.
  • All General Hygiene Measures that apply to you in daily life also apply to you whilst joining the outdoor class:
    • Sanitize your hands with (your own brought) disinfectant hand gel (> 70% alcohol) before & after class.
    • Do not shake hands or greet with hugs, a friendly nod will do or Namasté!
    • Sneeze and cough in your elbow or paper tissue. Wash your yoga clothes when home.
    • Use (your own brought) paper tissues to blow your nose, for coughing or sneezing, and dispose them after use. Sanitize your hands after.
    • Avoid touching your face with your hands - specifically eyes, nose and mouth. Tip: use your underarm, scarf or tissue when you need to scratch or remove a hair!

Finally just like with the classes in the studio, also for our outdoor classes we are obliged to keep a record for each class of each participant’s name, email-address, and telephone number for the GGD (municipal health service) Amsterdam. This is to be able to help the GGD in their source & contact research in case one of the class participants is diagnosed with the coronavirus and contacts need to be informed and instructed. If you have been diagnosed with the coronavirus while visiting our class, please inform us so we can report this to the GGD.